The Nest Inauguration

{VIDEO below} THE NEST, a new community space in our campus was recently inaugurated with amazing on stage performances, club bake-sales, and DJ B-Ranch setting the vibes! The Theater & Outdoors Education Team invited students, faculty and staff to stop by on Thursday, Nov. 11 between 3:30-4:30pm for the the chance to discover this new multidisciplinary space to be used for: outdoor classes, wellness, lunchtime, artistic expression, meetings, & more!

Though some may not know it, this project is connected to a Middle School Science “Outdoor Classroom’ project, with Mr. Graether and Ms. Napier that occurred when this year’s Juniors were in Middle School.

Due to social unrest, the onset of COVID19 & distance learning, there have been obvious delays and even a change in location, due to unforeseen circumstances, from the area now known as Aguilitas to this area, to develop an underutilized space into an area that could be used an outdoor learning space for a variety of target groups.

At the same time, the Theater Team & other colleagues in the Fine Arts building had also been dreaming of artistic ways to use this space in multiple ways. The day's performances were a representation of the culmination of the dreams & desires of many, the logistical support of other important colleagues and the manual labor of the Theater Crew and Seba, representing our Outdoor Ed dept.

This space is designed with YOU in mind! We want you to use it and make it your own, however we also need you to be responsible in up-keeping and caring for the space. Some important considerations we want all of you to know:

  • Many of the items you see here are re-purposed / renewed, that we ‘gave a new life’ in this space.

  • This project is an amazing example of colleagues taking an idea and ACTING on it, collaborating with connections & support across the campus to make it happen.

  • We expect the care of this place to be a practice of Community Accountability, we need the support & participation of all Nido community members who use this space to be active stewards / caretakers of it, respecting the items, leaving it clean, ‘being an engaged citizen’ of ‘The Nest’

  • The Nest is a multi use, cross divisional space, made for outdoor classes, or the Arts (whether practice or performances). For ex: Science classes we hope to involve in the next phase of adding native plants and other improvements, other classes using the space for reading & discussions, Advisory time, Study groups, practicing drama lines, drawing, journaling, casual hangouts, lunches, guitar jam sessions, staff meetings, community events, etc. If you are interested in using the space for an event, contact the Theater office.

With that said, please read the USER GUIDELINES for the use of this space:

  1. Respect the space and the items in it

  2. Leave the space just as you found it

  3. Be considerate of others

  4. Dispose of waste properly or take it with you

  5. Handle the sun umbrellas with care

  6. If you are planning a special event, make sure you book the space with the theater office.

And most importantly, we hope you ENJOY IT!