Nido performs at SAAC Arts 2021

Nido artists participated in the 2021 version of SAAC Fine Arts, hosted by Lincoln School in Argentina! Check out the Nido music, theater, visual arts and dance presentations below.


Solsbury Hill was a combined project for all MS and HS Music classes. For the brief 6 weeks we were together at the start of Semester 2 (2020 - 2021), students were finally able to play non-wind instruments and discovered the joys of tuned and untuned percussion, choir chimes, guitar, piano, bass and drums. We were able to sing outside and students also contributed from their homes. The outcome is a celebration of being together and making music.

Visual Art

The video portrays a selection of artworks produced throughout this academic year 2020-2021 from courses such as Foundations of Art, 2D, 3D, Mixed Media labs, and IB Visual Arts. During quarantine and distance learning our students have continued developing their artistic and creative skills through problem solving and critical thinking. A variety of mediums and formats have been used such as painting, drawing, sculpture, animation and photography.