MS Artwork Mashup!

Here's a mashup of work from our 7t-8th grade Nido artists!

7th & 8th-grade ART

During quarter two, art students explored the concept of Synesthesia, Zoomorphic Art, and Aboriginal Art. They looked into clips of famous Disney artist, Aaron Blaise, who demonstrated step by step guidelines to build animals' heads and bodies. We looked into cave art, appreciating their outstanding observational drawing skills. We learned about many different animals and their particular lifestyle. For the last assignment, students were able to select their favorite media, art styles, and animals to express their personal ideas.

7th & 8th-grade Theater Arts

At the end of October after celebrating Halloween, students learned about Mexico’s Dia de Los Muertos on Nov. 1 and 2nd. We looked into interesting facts about the country, challenging students to draw the Mexican flag, the nopal, Los Alebrijes, and designing a pop-up card with all of the elements that are included in the “altar”. We appreciated the beast created by Pedro Linares and created a new outstanding beast using students' favorite media. We finished the quarter by looking into worldwide traditions, creating clips about their own family traditions.

7th & 8th-grade Sculpture

During the second quarter, students completed their recycle group projects. We appreciated the work of contemporary artists who used creatively recycled materials like plastic straws in order to make a statement about the importance of keeping oceans clean. Students came up with a wide range of statements in order to express insights regarding nature, human rights, and ecology.

After finishing this unit students learned about the human figure, proportions, parts of the skeleton, body movements, and first human figure representations. Students ended this quarter by submitting models of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures.