'Everything Changes': A Tribute to Miss Zuzu!

WOW- the HS Musical Theater Club has done it again!!!

This time they made a beautiful tribute to our wonderful teacher, Ms. Zuzu. Ms. Zuzu is normally the Director of our musical each year, but she is out of school on maternity leave, and just had her little baby daughter. This song is a tribute to Ms. Zuzu and her new baby- it's an amazingly beautiful song and incredibly special, as we see cameos from musical theater students from today as well as years past. Congrats Musical Theater Club!!!! 

Musical Theater Club Director: Miss. Bernardita Nassar

Cast: Emilia Z., Olivia Z., Sarah R., Fernanda S., Ofir S., Ben C., Nicolas S., Alice K., Sarah G., Javier S., Lucia L., Clemente C., Gianfranco M., Thomas D., Vicente V., Sofia P., Natalie O., Isabelle G., Ana C., Leo H., Umma B., Belén B., Emily R., Avi M., Grace H., Bernardita N.

Logistics: Emilia Z.

Audio: Olivia Z.

Editing: Olivia Z.

So please enjoy, as the 2020-21 Musical Theater Club presents its first video of the year, from 'Waitress, The Musical', in honor of Miss Zuzu and her newborn baby: