Artistic Journey - IB Visual Arts Class '21

The IB Art students of the Class of 2021 is a generation of resilient and flexible young artists. Throughout the two years of the IB course these students faced many challenges and uncertainties such as lockdown due to this pandemia and political unrest. These challenges along with being online and working from home most of the course encouraged them to find inspiration, motivation, uniqueness , and expand their skills and come up with creative ideas to solve their artistic problems to express themselves.

Today we will be able to see how through their eyes these young artists have expressed their ideas in themes that ranged from the relationship of humans with nature, identity, injustice, inequality, state of ignorance and social problems present in the world and Chile.

The "Artistic Journey' that each student went through throughout these two years, which is a culmination and combination of home and school work that even with hard uncertain times our students continued creating, learning, experimenting and giving the best of themselves through the arts giving signs of change, hope and of new beginnings for us all, during these uncertain times.

Isabela C.

Esperanza P.

Daniela J.

Fernando M.

Mia A.