Acting a Song - Theatre Lab 7 & 8

Theatre Lab 7 & 8 “Acting a Song”! This was the assignment:

Select & memorize a song from a Broadway Musical in order to clarify the meaning of its text, to practice diction, to place emphasis on being present and preparing a set up, and to develop coordination of rhythm of text.

1) Requires two people, one to perform and one to ask questions. Both must

know the melody and lyrics.

2) The performer (P) starts to sing the song. In between each line, the questioner

(Q) asks questions that serve to provoke the next line of text.

3) P sings as if they are answering the questions. Therefore, the words must be stressed and inflected as a response to the precise nature of the question asked

Students also added virtual backgrounds.

The selected performances are:

Aladdin - Maria Magdalena & Aeesha

The Sound of Music - Diana & Lucia

Wicked - Giulia & Edith