A Conversation on Astronomy with Dr. Jose Maza

On December 14, 2020 a total solar eclipse will be visible from the southern regions of Argentina and Chile and we have the honor to have renowned astronomer Dr. Jose Maza with us, who will shed some light on the phenomena of eclipses, how humanity learned to predict them, and what we can expect of the upcoming eclipse in Chile. Dr. Maza is one of the most respected and admired scientific voices in Chile. He currently works in academia at the Astronomy and Physics department of Universidad de Chile and is also Chief of Communications of the CATA (Center of Excellence in Astrophysics and Related Technologies). Dr. Maza is passionate about sharing scientific knowledge with the world and his charismatic enthusiasm for communicating science has reached millions of people through his speeches and his seven published books. He has sold-out auditoriums and his bestselling book has already sold more than 80 thousand copies in Chile. His main contribution to science resides in his participation in the Calán-Tololo Project, a Chilean-American initiative which presented the (at the time) best measuring tool of the Universe obtained from the study of measurements through Supernovas (the explosive death of stars). The results of this Project were key to an even greater discovery in 2011, when American scientists based on the data from the Calán-Tololo discovered the accelerating expansion of the Universe. This discovery received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011. Dr. Maza was the recipient of the 1999 National Exact Science Award, 2019 Chilean of the Year Award (acknowledgment received through popular vote), and in July 3, 2020 he gave his speech “Eclipses” at the La Portada Stadium in La Serena in front of more than 10,300 people. We are happy you are joining us in the honor of listening to Dr. Maza speaking for our Nido community and delighting us with his knowledge of outer space. Whether you are interested in astronomical phenomena or not, we assure you will enjoy this presentation!